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Residency in Rotterdam
For artists based in the West Midlands


Springhill Institute is happy to announce that the recipient of the 2009 residency at Het Wilde Weten is Elizabeth Rowe.

Rowe works with collage material to make reinterpretations of the shared imagery that circulates through the media and other sources. Often the results of these appropriations traverse the picture frame, creating investigations of three-dimensional space and site specificity. Delicate in construction, her works are as likely to conceal as to reveal with images partially painted over, a seeming alternative to cutting out, retaining the original composition of her source materials but with new pictorial meanings. Her processes imply a notion of control over the barrage of printed material entering society as she highlights pictorial patterns hidden within chaotic imagery and restores some temporary order.

Rowe is interested in 'reinterpreting different sources, interests and ideas to cause overlaps, ruptures and spillages...causing confusion over where one thing ends and another begins.' With this, she not only refers to new combinations and alterations to her source material, but also to their interjection into three-dimensional space, forcing the viewer to continually re-assess their point of view.

Elizabeth Rowe will be in residence at Het Wilde Weten from 1 September to 30 November 2009, culminating with a show in the project space.


View of the artist’s work table


Three works at the artist’s studio


‘Raise Your Eyes,’ (detail) 2009. White ink on newspaper image of celebration in Trafalgar Square for the Para-Olympics in 2008 with paper cut outs of motifs and emblems in red, white and blue from the Corel Draw clip art catalogue


Elizabeth Rowe (b. 1974, Leicester) lives and works in Birmingham. Recent solo exhibitions include, ‘Tiny Details Grotesque Proportions’, The New Art Gallery Walsall, 2008. Previous group exhibitions include, SALE, The Royal Standard, Liverpool, 2009, ZOO art Fair, Eastside Projects, 2008 and Collage Party by Paul Butler at MOCA, Los Angeles, 2004. Up coming exhibitions include, ‘Works on Paper’ at Wolverhampton Art Gallery from July 2009 and Rowe will be artist in residence at Dudley Library, West Midlands from June-September 2009. More information can be found at www.elrowe.com. A recent interview for Trade Gallery is available as a podcast at >>www.tradegallery.org

>>Elizabeth Rowe's website


Background to the residency

Springhill Institute has been organising residencies for artists based in the West Midlands at Het Wilde Weten in Rotterdam since 2006. The artist is selected by open submission, and is provided with a stipend, accommodation and studio for three months, and is offered a show in the project space at Het Wilde Weten at the end of their stay.

Het Wilde Weten is a studio complex in the centre of Rotterdam, with 14 active artists holding long-term studios. For more information visit >>Het Wilde Weten

Previous recipients of the residency have been >>Simon and Tom Bloor (2006) and >>Joseph Hallem (2007). See >>Archive for more information.

The international Residency Prorogram is supported by Arts Council England. Thankyou!!